Death of a Rose has no words.

but has worlds behind and before.

past . 120809
() (what do you mean by "true"?) 120809
Tourist True Blue negates the Red Headed Step-Child 120809
Doar for (), true to me means someone that is not ashamed of what they are or who they have been. but if you are thinking that i am segregating blatherers into catergoryies, that is the farthest from what i meant. it was just something that hit my head and i had to blather.

again, and always again, no offense was meant.
thy there_are_no_words_here 120810
Tourist Offend? I just took the comment as the general Smart_Assery We All know and Love. The Charm of Blather. But that's just Me. 120810
() (no offense was taken by me. i was just curious.) 120810
meta meta 120810
what's it to you?
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