sylphide without your arms around me. 031119
the chief of the multicolored monky clan where would I be is one of those questons that i only like to think about when im depressed and don't like to be cheered up. Where would i be...? anywhere but here and perferably happier. 051003
unhinged cake

i can't remember which album but it's the last track; maybe motorcade of generosity or maybe prolonging the magic

i like the trumpet in this one. everytime i think about or hear the trumpet or pittsburgh i think of what potentially could be floating inside of me and it makes me shudder. i really should have that looked at.
seashell that was the question that i answered when i walked away from you. You told me that i would regret it and miss you.....if i only would have listened. 061030
what's it to you?
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