sahba no more bullshit i aint takin that no more fuck it im 17 now no more "its okay with me" fuck it dont want to i wont what the fuck you gonna do about it get pissed
get "hurt" i dont give a shit anymore i never wanted to just had to soon i will be out of here like everbody. gone and i hope you will never remember because the thought of it makes me sick and i hope that everybody's realizez that their fucked up plastic dreams will never come true because the way you all think it will never happen never
x wherever you go, there you are 040413
misstree and according to murphy's_law, that somewhere probably sucks. 040413
x murphy should've had a talk with my mom 040415
sahba] what does murphy have to do with this 040418
sahba what does murphy have to do with this 040418
peyton it's non-refundable 050420
what's it to you?
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