red white blue we pulled up to the hotel i had to go. it was midnight and the day was over and our day was over and in eight hours it was back to exeter. the show was over - rent songs still spinning loud through my head. my mom is already out of the cab. i slide down the seat, put one leg out, both legs out, no don't look back at him. i am getting out, i am halfway on the sidewalk and he grabs my arm tight and pulls me back in the cab and kisses me, quick and soft. i pull back one inch and the door slams shut between us and the taxi drives off and i am there alone on the sidewalk with my mother. 010702
Effingham Fish "Me, I'm a cab driver. I'm the only cab driver in here." 011103
oren is spelled the_same in English, German, French, Swedish and Portuguese. 060313
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