silentbob dizzy happy
walking on air
collecting your smiles
close your eyes to ward off that permanent smile
marjorie delerious like weirdoes.
tripping on their own shoes
covered in drool
Aimee The only way I can describe how he makes me feel.... *sighs* 010822
Syrope c'mere baby, and kiss me like you mean it -the magnetic fields 040801
sweetheart of the song tra bong Heart sprinting, closed eyes, enormous smile - and I cover my face with my hands because I just don't know what people would think if they saw me like that. 040802
does it ease the pain? If you say so Bobby ;)

I love that how_wonder_you_are (and how_wonder_you_were) are immortalised here in the blue, for now at least.
what's it to you?
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