MollyGoLightly the internet has nearly ruined the way people write.

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ClairE It's sad, but at the same time a return to the written form has occurred (i.e. over talking on the phone) maybe it'll have some cool results.

dOnt U think?
User24 besides, what is important is that communication still exists in a diverse and beautiful multi sided form. 030701
psychogeographer the written form may have retured but it has returned in a form more lame than talking on the phone. it's more like talkign to someone's answering machine.

don't confuse the lack of talent for style
z language is plastic and mercurial at the same time. it can not be enclosed. slang becomes cool becomes mainstreamed becomes passe becomes un cool becomes quaint becomes obscure becomes retro becomes cool becomes passe... ad nauseam. but it is good. and beautiful. and it changes, both reflecting and responding to culture. it live and breathes, and eventually spawns. 040806
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