Herbie the Houseplant So you clicked this word out of curiousity eh? "Curiouser and curiouser!!" said Alice. Well I needed a word for my "ballad extemporare" so I chose to make one up. I think that a "simberling cry" is kind of like a haunting, silvery wail, as if from the bottom of a well, a cry from the depths of a despairing heart that is heard only as a small, silvery, indistinguishable whisper. This is how we hear each other, and God. This is the reason for this web page. This is why Jesus died, so that he could be with us and close at last, so that he could answer our simberling cry. 060605
Herbie the Houseplant Well on blather there are so many sad stories written. Check out those_who_are_lost_are or someone_please_listen_to_me. So this is the meaning of the word simberling. 060605
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