silentbob my stomach hurt. so i moved away. and when i came back it was all still there in living color. 020630
josie he woke, he felt the overwhleming urge to let me know how it felt...
having my wet finger in his ear, having my tongue flicking his aorta, having my love randomly pumping out subconcious lyrics in an attempt to bear my soul.

Lie awake and still before you do what you do so well... because after... after that i am left with that feeling again.

But maybe the point is that he doesn't care. Maybe the point is that he hates me so much more than I care to remember at times.

Maybe i'll go put my fingers in my own ears next time.
josie after i proof-read that, my head began spinning. I lost my centre of gravity and nearly fell off my chair. Didn't think i'd ever find someone who'd have that effect on me.. 020701
angie I felt nothing.
I felt relieved

After that night...
distorted tendencies I don't know and who cares. 020922
once again and they say there is now. And they say this is the moment.

And the one that comes after?

After there is silence, or are there voices raised... in anger or joy?
And after we've said these words, will they be forgotten or lost or dissolve into a cliched platitude?
And after we've done these things will they become routine and dull... or simlpy another song on repeat?

"all that was before must soon come after..."
belly fire after
lingers a taste...
a tremor...
and regret.
what's it to you?
who go