stork daddy most people over or underestimate others. it's a very rare person who has the time and the eye to see another person. to know what they'll do when given a chance, when cornered, when left alone. 030528
minnesota_chris I think we should redefine this word, as a synonym for frustration. Rar-ity is the amount that something makes you go "rar!" 030529
stork daddy well thanks for your input. i don't know who the person is who says there's a dispropotionate amount of expressed bad ideas to expressed good ideas these days...but they're wrong and they fill me with "rar-ity" 030529
minnesota_chris oh, I don't know, there's a lot of crapity out there amongst the good ideas... 030529
stork daddy it's a rare thing to be understood is it not? 030529
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