squint the ribboned lips of flowers
beckoned to me
as my footsteps
spilled fresh rain
and I sighed sweet air
with honesty shivering down my body
today in the misty weather.
The crystal raindrops
peirced through me
and fell as though i was not
sheilding the ground from the hasty sky.
It fell right through me
leaving holes of solitude
frozen in my flesh.
I smiled as if I did exist
and I smelled the blossoms
of a drowning tree
as I sulked contentedly to my 'home'.
squint in some sort of attempt
to show me
I really am nothing,
and it pounds on the ground
with that snooty "i told you so"
beat to the pattering
that only this heavy rain
could manage.
and when i cry
the rain separates
from my tears,
segregating me in every way,
rejecting me
refusing me
company of even the loneliest sort.
. . 050109
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