Q Just what are we outlining here? Is
there some secret involving cows, ferric (or is it ferrous?) sulfate, icebergs, methane clathrate hydrate, and the good fresher water floating on the North Atlantic? Did the Titanic sink because it was too dense for that water? Did the Titanic have cows on it? Was the load of ferric sulfate on the Titantic a harbinger of the next Ice Age? Is God an hermaphroditic Centaur? Come on, what are we outlining? I'm falling asleep like a piece of jade worrying about it. It's tough to cut class and miss a profound message.
lokkust I'm begining to feel outlined, I can feel it go all around me. Outlining me because I'm there. Oh what a feeling. 000204
lokkust ...oh no. it should have been Beginning. 000204
what's it to you?
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