theremin Do you know what you need? A good Thai noodle dish. There's no comfort food more exotic than a good, sweet pad thai or a spicy panong noodle dish. We can go down the street to that one place between the video store and the laundromat. The folks who work there know what's good to lift up one's heart. They know how healing a bit of comfort can be. 000717
La Simcoecita Like cheery rainbow roe, like merry masago,
baubles are suspended in thick shellac
like bubbles blown by Carribean fish.
I sit at decorated tables and eat bowls of chewy, warm salt.
Tender carrot,
Tasty, firm soy,
Memories of good conversation have sweetened many a meal.
psychobabe my friends nickname =:) 011007
Casey Noodles are good, one of my favorite foods. 011007
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