sameolme A nonalcoholic habitually overindulges in near beer. In advanced cases they
drink a concoction of subburbon and
near beer called Tepidtea. Under the influence of these drinks nonalcaholics have been known to kiss their sisters.
hsg Inglenook (R) St. Regis Reserve
alcohol removed cabernet sauvignon

i drink this often. they dont water it down like other non-alc drinks. the resveratrol is delicious. only 30 kcal/240mL.
jane oh man, o'douls. tried to drink it when i was a kid & nearly spat it out. i like my beer like i like my men. 070201
stephshine is what i am contrary to the belief of one. i do like the burn, though. 070218
pimg pong what burn? 070218
stephshine og liquor, specifically bourbon, scorching down my throat. 070219
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