~gez~ hiding away in the sewers are the mutants. discriminated against by all humans apart frim one. the most amazing human who ever lived, rolf harris 020809
Mutant I like Muatants they like to eat my brain but a lot of ppl like to eat my brain cause i eat theres it is a lot of fun 1 day when the mutants where eatting my brain the zombies came and asked can we join in but then we decided to get the mutant worm and the mutant crab and go and kill the demon fox and the evil penguin so they all ran up stairs and had a quick snack (brains and guts) and then they went to the north poll looking for the evil penguin but he as not there so they ran and swam to the old forest to find the demon fox but he was not there... (THE STORY WILL CONTINU ANOTHER DAY) 040224
mutant_x2 I wonder if anyone knows the identity of the creator of MUTANT X? 040224
Strideo I wonder if anyone knows the identity of RACER X?
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