pontifier I wanted to be an artist and I was.
I want to be a sailor and I was.
I wanted to be a Dad and I was.

Now I want to be a Wizard, but I'll always be just a muggle.
bloody potato chip jazz slang for a joint. read "really the blues" by mezz mezzrow and download "muggles" by louis armstrong 011216
me muggles, muggles, everywhere.....and not a drop to drink....i hope that all the people that make fun of such a good set of books and such a great story....will go to hell and have to be eaten by fluffy.....but those of you that have not read the books will never know what awaits you 021127
pontifier harsh, very harsh 021230
falling_alone i disagree...not harsh enough

xyz an odd word to sue over. 040117
what's it to you?
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