For sure! I get to mow the lawn! It's fun! I like it! sorta! kinda....sometimes! well yeah, but i do! really! 000712
endless desire i've never had to mow our lawn
im sure there is something wrong with that.
i did mow a lawn once.
i begged my dad to let me try.
but usually the gardeners do it.
i don't know why we have gardeners or cleaners
it's not like we are rich.
but i guess we are well off.
my nino would have more money if there weren't so many mouths to feed.
i feel bad that we take so much of all the money he earns.
he really does make a hell of a lot.
but that's what i do.
sometimes i just feel like a parasite.
sameolme you spell it kmow, the k is silent 040315
what's it to you?
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