rubydee rash decision to drive over the mountains to visit a friend with a spanking new baby
turmoil rises immediately after committing to the trip
extremely windy roads haunt my dreams all last night
a mild preview of the true road through the pass
waking early this morning
stirring cheese_grits for sophie absently
immagining careening off a cliff
sliding into a pasture
hanging upside down by the seatbelt

finally leaving the house at two thirty
sans usual high
jonathan_richmond to soothe the wild banshee in the backseat
unhappy with the prospect of winding roads and a shifting carseat

finally arriving
white knuckled
in desperate need of some marijuana

leaving as the sun set
back up and over the rounded mons
hurling the car off the road twice
to throw up

i hate driving
what's it to you?
who go