turmoil So commmon in those old mafia movies..names like Jack, Joey, Freddy, and Tommy 000821
unhinged i live in cafaro house...don't tell me i dont' live on blood money. oh yeah, and my literature class is in debartolo hall. the mob is still alive in y_town 010329
pleasedrivefaster when i was younger and still counted on the smiles around me i took a trip to italy stopping in venice of course and scribbled plans on sketchbook paper of growing up to live in castles on the hill with my bella mafia.
we studied dark dresses and pinstripe suits and gave each other red roses at christmas.
packing plastic pistols we paraded around my neighborhood in our grandfathers' fedoras on halloween when we were the only ones to understand our costuming.
without real weapons we did just what a mafia should do with a kiss we stabbed each other in the backs and disappeared.
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