rh this isn't happening 030126
x i wish i could say this enough to believe it 030317
whitechocolatewalrus i'm not
flying inside clouds
laughing inside churches
running inside malls
dancing inside minds.
i'm not here.
[i'm not there]
birdmad between my derangements and my estrangements, it always seems to feel that way 040217
x finish this beer, pills upon pills settling in, who knows where i'll be. once again, not getting much done i suppose. 040217
thieums And ceci n'est pas une pipe. 090730
In_Bloom Instead I'm walking in that place where the sky was black but for bright stars and the flutter of bats chasing night bugs
I'm there, straining to recognize faint music playing from an open doorway
what's it to you?
who go