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giff i am giff, not gif as a mistakenly wrote. gif is and will always be a graphic file. i am living and breathing and not a digital creation. 041010
methinx The funny thing is that we just have to take giff's word for it that they are not a digital creation. All evidence is inconclusive.

For all that we see, they sure look like a digital creation, don't they?
i mean..i just gotta know what does the early hip hop term "shoot the gif" mean in modern and or old guy parlance? 041012
gif damn i forgot my name again. i'm giff too. 041211
silentbob A file that was widespread on angelfire websites in the late 90's.

Has made a resurgence in the mid 2010's, started out ironically, but as the format improved, the technology bettered, they became a genuine form of communicating an idea with words and images, and no sound. A picture file, almost like an animation, but not a video file, as it is without audio.

Sort of like newspapers in harry_potter
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