unhinged i won't be your excuse 070419
unhinged i don't want to understand
i don't want to make you better
i just want you to be where i am
i don't want to make you better
laced I can't see you and i'm not lookin' cause I did all that before and that'll be the last time you break my...

and this is the story of how I know you soul is ripping itself to shreds and you think that I don't satnd close enough to hear it
ever dumbening a high quality phrase 071018
unhinged bringing it back to the mainland 071018
unhinged you do not get to tell me my parents fucked me up
you of all damn people

do not get to criticize
the way i've chosen to live my life

(i never once
asked you to change
be something that you aren't)
what's it to you?
who go