For sure! my name sucks, eh? it's not my real name, though. so that's a plus! 000712
klarchen For_sure!:

Hmmn, what do we have here?
One liners.
Somewhat witty.
Somewhat tiresome when they arrive in mass quantities though.
But that's ok.
I guess.

klarchen enough already! 000713
moonshine nod 000713
whirligirl aww, yeah! 000719
kendra i remember the night for_sure came to blather. he was so inventive and witty.
he blathed about 120 blathes per minute(serious). and i was so mean to him, telling him to stop.

oh for_sure, wherever you are, i'm so sorry, you were the best.
for sure! i don't know.
i stumble across his blathes every so often and still find them somewhat tiresome in spite of their wit.
splinken the original blathercriticism. 001211
white_wave fur sure fur sure she's a valley girl 040221
oren Nuttin' up my sleeve! 051120
what's it to you?
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