unhinged i need to move somewhere where it doesn't get below zero EVER 070204
frozen guy. toronto is -30C tonight. 070205
god here in ky it's a balmy 4 degrees above zero 070205
pete -39 in the wind, which means everywhere but in bus shelters, in ottawa this morning. 070205
unhinged before windchill it's -7

after windchill, my back makes me feel like a 60 year old woman. fuck winter. fuck it in it's stupid ass.

but for some reason, when i'm waiting for the bus and i yell 'for fucks sake' i feel warmer. *shrugs*
unhinged i think my ipod completely died; i need a fucking ipod. the shitstorm just keeps going and going 100830
enough already 160528
what's it to you?
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