Toxic_Kisses - wandering from topic to topic.

something I tend to do quite often, it's rare that I can find some one who can keep up and it's why I get fustrated @ blather some times, I'll start writeing about what ever said topic is then end up wondering into a new topic or two unintentionaly and then realize that by time I'm finished I'm totaly off topic, that truly is quite fustrateing, so I end up deleating everything and not saying anything at all
Dan also known as to wikipedia, formerly known as surfing, justifying the lack of planning decisions as learning or "down time" or relaxing as any stimulant can be.

Discourse discharges weapons of phonemes in linear form that is a dry humor, suggesting linear thought. Humorous in juxtaposition to the brambly ramble and baggy meaning.
what's it to you?
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