typhoid dancing for the cacoon's nest 000331
NinNy Nu Nu mi me,
squeak, squeak,
hick hick
your just Folly,
that Sea Folly everyones talkin' about
god At the freak out
Later we'll peak out
You're on restriction
So you'll probably sneak out!
falling_alone i wake in the morning encompased in the warmth of a cacoon. my blanket. my safety.

so warm. i smile...

the realization hits suddenly that i cannot stay like this forever. so i unravel myself. disheveled i arise make my way to groom myself dress and prepare. its cold out from the covers. i leave my comfort and peace for uncertainty ahead.

i wonder if thats how a butterfly feels...
Mandijabster i want to live in a cacoon. away from the rest of the world and live in my own little fantasy inside my cacoon. 031126
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