klarchen Peering out big window,
wishing for some greyness in sky.

Opening door to outside,
stepping onto cold sidewalk.

Gathering mail,
fumbling for envolopes.

Reading surfaces,
no familair names appear.

A drop of rain pounds upon cheek,
sent from wished for sky.

Slamming door happily,
as exitement rushes through.

Boiling water,
softening honey.

Sipping tea,
while checking window.

Wish still sustaining,
as rain multipies.

Breathing quickly,
as thoughts race forward.

Stumbling down long hallway,
while humming impatient melodies.

Rustling through papers,
black and white.

Resting sheets,
upon glossed exterior

Placing hands upon keys,
pressing downward.

Closing eyes,
ignoring papers.

Losing thoughts,
finding heaven.

Endlessly surging,
under wished for sky.
what's it to you?
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