ducky Oooooo, sparkly. 000815
Barrett mmmmmmmm, beer. 000930
bzzmel touch me, but please be careful of my eyes 011206
ClairE I just got sparkly citrusy smelling hand_lotion for my birthday,
and vanilla creme
and blue antibacterial,

even though I've always told everyone I don't use lotion.

They smell so good and look so pretty.
I put on the vanilla tonight.
It's like perpetually eating cookies.
Grievance Gibson Les Paul Custom, Black.
Grand Piano.

nuf said.
Sailor Jupiter shimmer shimmer twinkle twinkle like my tears 011207
bzzmel pubic_hairs 011207
professor uno it seems uncanny that i would forget what we are celebrating, leon 020807
what's it to you?
who go