The Schleiffen Man i amthe sodium king. i take my throne next to MollyGoLightly. today i consumed 5000 milligrams of sodium during lunch alone (thanks to the 2 cans of Armour chili). all of you should bow before me 000518
yummychuckle ok.
*bowing before him*

i mean, it sounds like reasonable command.
nocturnal I personally like to add NaCl to just about everything I eat. 010602
unhinged my friend got bouts of dizziness and the doctor told her she had low blood pressure and she needed more sodium in her diet. he told her to eat a pickle a day. that's a new one. i always thought we were supposed to be eating apples. 010602
freakizh sodium?
aspartame is good.
diet coke says so.
what's it to you?
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