sameolme I'm to busy simulating me. Could somebody read this stuff and write a synopsis? Are we all make believe?
sameolme Seriously, it is very possible , maybe even probable that we, and the rest of our existance are a computer simulation
created by an alien intelligence. It would of course be necessary for us to
"believe" in our own reality in order for the simulation to be "realistic".
For us to think that we are the most advanced civililization in the universe
is silly. There are probably civilizations which are many millions of years ahead of us that are capable of creating this illusory existance.
andru235 and the aliens that created us are themselves in an illusory eistence, created by fardasnoots, who themselves exist in an illusory existence created by zalkatraontyls, whom exist in an illusory existence created by tktrtktolts, whose existence is merely an illusion ... ( ... ) ... 051207
andru235 the question of "eistence" has been addressed at: simulated_universe_appendix 051208
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