minnesota_chris I played The Sims Unleashed last night, it's quite cute. Like the previous game (The Sims) you design families and houses, and manage your households' jobs and friendships.

In Unleashed, you can leave your house and go downtown.

So I played this at a friends house, made a family (Adolf and Eva Hitler... it's really fun to say "Clean up your pizza, Adolf," etc.) I took them to the pet store, and they bought a fish.

They took it home and put it in a new fish bowl. That night, lots of stray cats showed up, of all colors! And they had names! And you could play with them and adopt them!

So Adolf and Eva became the block softies, taking in all the stray dogs and kitties and feeding them.
god you ought to go camping with the hitler's. it's a gas. ha ha 030330
minnesota_chris haha oh jeez 030330
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