burden films 010724
paste! marble nutrition makes Johannesburg a dilated center of travel. tickets will cost you your fashionable soy pickles and fifty parkbenches. commerce, vacuum packed lynx, the eyeballs of communists, my general farce of arterial jumbalaya. it's a snack, good for circulation. 010724
nanny is the best way to have your eggs, but the worst way to have your porn. 010909
princess and i just don't know what to do with those tossed salads and scrambled eggs....they're callin' again.

goodnight everybody
angie eggs
once again ...every relationship is a scrambled version of that first one. 031001
misstree dear lord, i hope not.

my first relationship was a pathetic suicidal cradle robber who showed up wearing my underwear one day.

they've gotten better since then.
three_single_words three_single_words 060824
what's it to you?
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