i am a black bird and my wings are broken you are ruthless,
my love.
you leave me
when i need you most.
you are "living your life" so far away,
without the need of my love.
and how can i blame you? if i say i love you, then
i love you freely, i love you free.
and free you are like the carpenter bee,
building your home wherever...spreading your

it's stupid of me to wish to get away from you,
when you're already so far from me.

i wish i could be ruthless too,
and leave you alone when you need me the most,
and lie to you.
and tell you that i love you,
when i'm with someone else.
i wish my heart could do these things,
but my nature is different than yours,
my nature,
it is pathetic.
what's it to you?
who go