REAListic optimIST If you can read this blathe, you are a pope! 070714
PUNK ! i wouldn't want to wish that upon anyone, i dislike churchs and death, old songs and homophobics, hypocrites and ego pedestal standers. why do they read that old shit when they could sing a rap song about the true state of the world on this day, not 2007 years ago. what ever happened to originality ? 070714
hsg let's all be popes! 080514
sameolme Well I'll be! Just think, I'm a god damned pope! 080514
sameolme I mean, goll darned! 080514

we are all popes -RAW
In_Bloom I built my church to see who would come
Then I burnt it down to see who would stay
hsg n i_c e 090111
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