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* The Graces from Spain

Spain's PM: Iraq Should Serve As Lesson

Sun May 2,12:21 PM ET

"The mission in Iraq, which is showing itself every day to be a failure, should serve as a lesson to the international community: preemptive wars, never again; violations of international law, never again,"
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absolute_truth US-led War - invasion & Occupation in Iraq is a_wrong_war_in_21k 040609
New Butterfly - clarke_more_reasons_to_invade_iran_than_iraq 040609
An "amazing" newslink Preventive War: A Failed Doctrine

September 12, 2004

So far, the preventive war doctrine has had one real test: the invasion of Iraq. Mr. Bush terrified millions of Americans into believing that forcibly changing the regime in Baghdad was the only way to keep Iraq's supposed stockpiles of unconventional weapons out of the hands of Al Qaeda. Then it turned out that there were no stockpiles and no operational links between Saddam Hussein's regime and Al Qaeda's anti-American terrorism.
. "estranging America from its main European and Asian allies, and leaving Washington looking like an aggressor to much of the Arab and Muslim world, these policies kill American soldiers and civilians in the countries attacked, and ... 040912
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