chris the flower that holds the rich, fragrant tar known as opium. there are many chemicals in opium, but the main alkaloids are morphine(from which heroin, among other legal pharmaceuticals, is synthesized), codeine(which can be used to make many other opioids as well), and thebaine, a muscle relaxer(which is the base for the the opioid oxycodone). what a wonderful and powerful flower this one is, eh? its beautiful as well. 040204
brent i will sing tonight about the song of love and mercy. but not my mercy. nor my love. flying outward and never upward, the poppy takes hold and bleeds through cotton to my nose. upon the wave of thought, the boat of dream takes on water. 040205
helly is a beautiful flower
is an amazing girl
makes my day all round
what's it to you?
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