silentbob clinton was impeached.
clinton was not removed.
birdmad clinton was impeached for lying about a blowjob

bush has somehow not been impeached for:

*covertly redirecting $700M in funds meant for military operations in Afghanistan towards the planning of operations in Iraq without the proper congressional oversight or approval

*withholding information related to the cost of the Medicare bill

*blowing the cover of two intelligence operatives (CIA agent Plame and CIA "asset" Khan)

*Providing false testimony to Congress in re Iraqi WMD

*Misuse of IRS and Treasury Dept resources for campaign/propaganda purposes
silentbob for actually using personal reasons to justify the iraq conflict.
"He tried to kill my dad."
No. he did not try to kill your dad. Your dad was never in danger.
dreamer tis' strange for an ammoral nation to impeach a president for moral reasons, but not impeach a president for rational reasons 050306
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