plumbrook night hurray for night hurray for

i thought i was sleeping with a dead arm, cold and blue. but i had only rolled over the wrong way.

here they come, the welcome chirp of kindly demons, simpering sulking gurgling peeping. as soft and brown as baby chikkens. scaring you like charles dickens.
they can fold the arms of corpses. in delight like flying horses. bear you up above the city. beat their bat wings sing a ditty.

you should have known you would start cursing.
you should have known they'd drop you shrieking.

maybe it's only a movie, little girl.
marjorie Hurray hurray
It's baking day!
A pie for me.
A cake for you.
And sometimes in between
Crusty casserole
On a plastic plate.
Without a fork
what's it to you?
who go