amy Looks like you've passed my test
How much I helped to write it, I don't know.
go home now, kid
and don't look back
because I think I might be graduating too.

"there's a tick, and there's a tock..."
blue star since when do I graduate? since when am I not this lil dorky girl with a bad haircut and an overactive imagination? what the hell is happening???? 020422
pete i've applied. now all i need to do is pass... and pay tuition 061121
f what the fuck for? 061121
pete to enter an "apprenticeship for scholars", get a career in the exploration of our past, teaching what we were to those who will make what we are after my parent's generation lets go of power in a few decades.. 061121
? fuck....
what a load of....
what's it to you?
who go