me? 7:30, Channel 8: The Bionic Dog (Action/Adventure)
The Bionic Dog gets a hormonal short-circuit and violates the Mann Act with an interstate Greyhound bus.

i think it was "children of the corn II" in which the preacher was obsessed with ranting about fornication.
amy i'm fornicating with a princess. how about you? 000201
For sure! my friend matt talks about fornicaion a lot. i just nod and smile. 000712
Miniatus I'm a fornicator and proud of it 000713
LeVi when I was sitting in the room with my girlfriend, I said to her "go get me some yogurt." Right after she brought me the yogurt she said "you are a real cool guy and I wish that you would slap me" 011121
bee-doop dream of cali-fornication.. 060204
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