psyki a side effect of the dialect
glanced indirect but my ships were wrecked

and suddenly there was blood when she sank our debris
with a smile and another part of me

so I planned to melt because I felt that my hand was dealt
the ace of spades, vacant space invades
as grey grenades blazed away with blades

we shook entwined, facts I couldn't find
eyes misaligned, fighting blisters blind
she swerved insane like a hurricane exploding rain
with a smile that I'll let this code explain

scenery is machinery when honesty isn't policy
and all her tries at recalling lies would improvise
with the what's that were turning into why's
vacant space invades, vacant space invades vacant space
I'll let this code explain
Death of a Rose well done.....cheers 031101
what's it to you?
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