kx21 A special STRING in the UNIVERSE, U... 010204
kx21 Developed techniques to convert radio waves from galaxies into sound:-

The Symphony or Music from the Galaxies or Universe...
kx21 via stringed radio waves or superstrings(a form of light- 1 billion to 1,000 billion Hertz) from a distant galaxy 180 million light years from earth and sound waves or superstrings in Human auditory range(20 to 20,000 Hertz), and transformed the sound into music. 010204
kx21 A STRING or mixture of Carl Sagan, Cicciolina, Madonna, Stephen Hawking AND ANGELYNE...

An Italian Astrophysicist, author, and musician who received her doctorate in physics from the University of Milan, has studied opera and composition at Conservatory G. Verdi, Corsi Popolari and taught mathematics and physics at Liceo Scientifico, Milan;

Director of New Media and Astrophysicist at the Space Transit Planetarium at the Miami Museum of Science;

Major contributions to the Universe:-

Music from Galaxies
(CD from Island Records)

Invisible Universe
(CD-ROM from Voyager)

Heavenly Knowledge
(HarperCollins/Avon Books)
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solar system
many many galaxies away
we are the force
of a new creation
a new musical revelation
going from land to land
singing electronic jams
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