erin. it draws nearer.
my pulse quickens.
it draws nearer still.
i am fixed in fear.

it will come
and i will say
that i did my best
to make what i could
of the time i had,
but it would be
a blatant lie
if i failed to mention
that i spent my time
doing other things
in order to increase
the pressure
to do well.

the result
is pompous drivel
which will earn me
a satisfactory grade.
Soma Random letter to the police here in town, says this dude's gonna start shooting townspeople tomorrow if they don't pay a ransom.. blah blah blah...

My friend made shirts with a target on them, that say "Shoot us. We'll shoot back!"

I told him it didin't matter if you shot back if you were already mortally wounded.

He just scoffed and muttered something about women.
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