Effingham Fish Booze it up. 020405
Ariadani im going to make some once the dandelions come. 020405
sweetheart of the song tra bong Tennessee Williams. 020406
silentbob ray bradbury 020406
Syrope i love this book. (yea, by ray bradbury...what'd tennessee do with dandelion wine?) 020406
sweetheart of the song tra bong When I read the Bradbury I was also in the middle of The Glass Menagerie by Williams. The gentleman caller brings Laura some dandelion wine at the beginning of their big scene together.

Now I'm directing the play at school and it's been in my head.

And then this blathe showed up.

Weird how things work out like that.
Syrope oh thats right! hehe i didnt pay very good attention to GM cuz i dunno, i just didnt like it (our county's play, at least) 020407
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