typhoid a conic
transmuted into a higher dimension
in infinite combinations and permutations
represents the set of all possible paths.
does that mean it also contains all information?
yummychuckle i gripped my icecream cone
too afraid I'd spill it all
i gripped my yellow telephone
too afraid to make the call.
i wished it all over
and prayed to my spirit guides
i picked a four leaf clover
was too afraid to pick sides.
it was my decision, had too much trust
afraid that once given
our friendship would rust.
so i hold the telephone
think of what to do
don't think youll like to hear this
but i'm not coming home to you.
JD "Gin and tonic, get'cher gin and tonic in a cone! two bits!", barked the warden at Alcatraz. 030924
thieums Without cones, wizards would have to wear square hats, and it would be even more ridiculous. 040429
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