Tank 19 days free today! 010124
amy hey... Yee-aoww, Tank! 010124
green_tenedril ciggy-wiggs!
how naughty!
cest moi little cigarrettes 020214
sameolme 6 months cigless, gone but not forgotten.
The way you instantly ignite, filling the air with an incense so devine and yet so earthy. The easy insight of watching my breath while diffused with the burning truth of impermanence. I will always cherish
the warp and woof of craving and satisfaction which was the essence of our love. Deeply inhaling your spirit, I knew you as no other could. Even today, walking down the street, your fragrence, casually wafting
into my awareness, awakens my desire to press you closely to my lips and breath you in. Yes, though we can not be together our love will burn forever.
... you suck then 040307
sameolme alas! no more 040307
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