paste! Immediately after a segmented chicken
there followed a spiralled python.
The man stood there like spaghetti
wrapped around a fork.
It was dusk at a demolition derby
and all the other people
were paying strict attention to each of the cars being changed
except this man and his two animals
who were ritualizing
behind a frozen lemonade stand.
It was terrible

unless seen through a pair of glasses
that were specially made for the event.

But conditions halted their delivery.
Too much snow.
The aircraft carrying the cargo
was delayed on the runway
and one pilot said
to the other pilot:
"I wish you hadn't brought up barbecue, Miles. Nothing would beat a big juicy human heart sandwich. Ha, did I say human heart? What I meant to say was juicy hamburger. I say we prepare for take off. What's our destination?"
what's it to you?
who go