Aquarius Aquarius / January 20 - February 18

Happy birthday to the water bearers out there.
distorted tendencies my birthday is sunday! :)


Things always go wrong on my birthday. I hope this one is perfect since I'll be spending it with Richard.

N e w B o y f r i e n d
distorted tendencies Haven't seen too many at all around here... None at all. 020325
distorted tendencies Yeah about that birthday. How lame. Dumped him a while ago.. 020325
blown cherry i'm one... 020325
yummyC damn sexy aquarians... i always fall for them. 020325
blown cherry does that count for other girls too? ;) 020325
Dafremen Insane is too harsh,
airheaded too judgemental
and ECCENTRIC would only serve to flatter these folks.

Stubborn is an understatement,
organized an overstatement
and friendly a statement of fact.

Aquarius folks in one word?

distorted tendencies OH I do I do I love myself. 020904
Heather Communicate. 020912
girl_jane That Jamie boy... 020913
girl_jane This is the dawning of the age...

Hair anybody?
distorted tendencies Here we go, another libra for me.. Except this time we're friends that fuck. So far a month. A month longer than I want. I am torn and dramatically in love. 021008
~gez~ wait a second, i am a virgo 021009
Dafremen see also:
the one Bridgette was an aguarius. The most amazing person i ever met. Brigette had dreams like noone else. 050817
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