andru235 his hands may lack
a sword and shield
his fists alone
are what he'll wield

so watch your back
unless the trend
is that this ace
is now your friend
CIA Ace of spades: Saddam_Hussein 050308
BBC NEWS A US military list of leading Iraqis to be captured or killed is shortening after a string of arrests, including the capture of Saddam_Hussein himself. ... Ace of Spades in the United_States"' set of 55 playing cards depicting "the most-wanted members of the former Iraqi ... doubts Iraq intelligenceCIA links terror threat - 53k - Cached - More from this site

Sunday, 5 September, 2004, 12:52 GMT
| Middle East | Iraq's most wanted
. 050308
U.S. Saddam_Hussein
President of Iraq, commander_in_chief of military :: Captured by
led coalition forces 13 December 2003
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