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what_if there were an app that made facebook words work like blather? It'sorta like FB uses people as links instead of how blather uses bunches_of_words

what_if concepts took on a certain color_scheme Many people discuss a concept in different words. IDK classification_systems but others do.. what_if we put people together by making it possible to click on a concep..t..hen link_the_people And how could we graph a similar six_degrees_of_separation in a visual way to see who thinks about what?

what_if blather went full_spectrum.. words, people, concepts, locations, talents, myers_briggs availability, desired_outcome
unhinged i kinda like blather's limited spectrum. it keeps us close and keeps out the riff raff. i'm a snob like that and i love my blather_family just the way it is. 110615
no reason blather's "message board" quality feels calming amidst the social media frenzy 110615
lev i_wouldn't_change_blather tho
z facebook is not anonymous. 110616
lostgirl blather isn't either

(but its close enough)
() (true, but to most, it is) 110617
meta meta 110617
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