:..S e e d S.:...o f...:.L i g h T..: The seamstress of the universe left behind no visible stitchings.
The seamless_whole of the entirety is packaged up so perfectly.

But from microscopic to macroscopic the pattern remains the same.

_Observe the pattern:

___Outer shell.
_____inner flesh.
_______central core.


___Orbiting electrons.
_____protons and neutrons.


_Cell of Earthbased Life:

___Cellular wall.


_Orange (any fruit):



_Planet Earth:

_______Molten Core of Iron.





_A Human Being:
_______Soul (heart & mind).
daxle that is because you choose not to mention all the other layers 010807
ClairE in a towel, I'm still warm enough. Is it because you dry my hair with love? 020104
girl_jane mmmmm 030316
its so simple really we will wrap this up now,
we will make this end.
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